In-Store Analytics for Retail

Analyse behaviour

Increase convenience

Raise sales

Sales per minute of shopping

Top 80 items usually bring in about 80% of sales revenue. Analysing dominant paths followed by shoppers and merchandising popular products along those paths, saves shopper’s time and brings extra sales.

Conversion of sections and shelves

Analyzing the behaviour and check data, retailer will be able to objectively assess the conversion of shelves and sections. Conversion analysis will improve the layout, facilitate the movement of customers, and make shopping more convenient.

Typical paths

Shoppers follow typical paths in store. As their trip in store progresses, shoppers tend to buy less. Longer duration of shopping trip reduces the shopper’s basket.

Time in queues

Queues impact the shopping experience of the customer and his/her loyalty over time. Getting detailed analytics on customers queuing patterns at checkout can give retailer a tremendous opportunity to increase customers conversion and satisfaction.